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Our Company

We are a small US based company in Florida that can deliver your items very quickly and efficiently. We have been active locally in Miami and online since 2018. If you have any issues with your order or have any questions you need answered, feel free to contact us anytime.

Why Shibumi?

Our Shibumi peshtemals are not your average cloth although they are just as absorbent.  As a side note, sometimes peshtemal is also spelled pestemal or peshtamal or can also be called a fouta or hamman towel.

Our Shibuimi peshtemal towels are large, flat and velvety soft. What we like to call the ‘Shibumi difference’ – ALL of our products are hand crafted with organic materials, free of chemical dyes, and made from sustainable materials like, cotton, bamboo, linen or buldan! Buldan, is a famous thin handwoven cheesecloth-type fabric, with laced edges and used chiefly for bed covers and tablecloths, called as “Buldan bezi” (Buldan clothes) under the name of the Turkish locality where it originated. The Shibumi Buldan that deserves mention is a vivid violet silk (peshtemal) woven as a rectangular panel to be wrapped around the body.

Our Shibumi peshtemals are inspired by the bath towels used in legendary Turkish spas & also Japanese natural hot spa’s (Onsen), these tightly woven creations are extremely strong and durable, and feature a stylish handcrafted fringe that makes them chic as well as practical. Because Shibumi’s peshtemal towels are flat-woven, they’re extremely light and take up very little space, making them the perfect travel companion. The Shibumi peshtemals are the ideal take-along for your next vacation, you can roll them up and they pack beautifully.

Our Shibumi’s are also wonderfully versatile. Of course, they make fabulous bathroom towels. But you can just as easily wear your Shibumi peshtemal as a poolside or beach-side wrap. Many a celebrity has been spotted wearing one along the beaches of St. Tropez and Cannes (think Jennifer Aniston, Steven Spielberg, Robert De Niro and Demi Moore). They can be worn around the body like a sarong or pareo, for a chic cover-up. It’s light and airy and feels great against your skin!

The Shibumi peshtemal towels also look fabulous draped over the shoulders on a cool summer evening. And they double up nicely as home textiles like table runners, sofa throws and even impromptu picnic blankets.

The Shibumi peshtemal towels are made from the finest organic Turkish cotton, linen, Bamboo or Buldan!! They’re lusciously soft, highly absorbent, quick drying, and maintain their shape and texture beautifully–even after several washings. Choose from our selection of peshtemal / fouta towels in a variety of colors that best suits you. Better yet, try them all, then mix and match when the mood strikes. See for yourself why the fabulous peshtemal has been popular around the world for centuries.

(Below are pictures from one of our handcrafted locations that produce our Shibumi Buldan)