Size: 40” X 67” inches

Handmade, Organic, Ecological

  • Our Shibumi Vera peshtemal is 100% organic cotton.
  • It’s durable, soft, lightweight, and very absorbent.
  • It takes up much less space in the closet and is great for travel.
  • Our peshtemal’s are unisex and multipurpose – they can be used anywhere: the Beach, Bath, Spa, Gym, Fitness, Yacht, Pool.

Extra soft: your Shibumi will get softer each time it is washed — wash before first use.
Highly absorbent: your Shibumi peshtemal is more absorbent than conventional materials — gets you dryer, faster.
Durable: our high-quality organic cotton is extremely durable — making your peshtemal less prone to rips and tears.
Eco-Friendly: your Shibumi peshtemal is naturally-dyedno harsh or dangerous chemicals added.
Authentic design: Your Shibumi has a very distinctive and had a hand-finished tassels on the fringes.

**Machine wash: cold water is recommended (you can add distilled vinegar to keep it extra fluffy). Please don’t bleach!**
**Tones may slightly differ from the image shown due to the nature of manufacturing process**